2024 Long-Term Camping Lottery – CLOSED

2025 Long-Term Camping Lottery – WILL OPEN IN OCTOBER 2024

HorseThief Reservoir Long-Term Campsites are awarded through a lottery drawing. Before signing up, please review the details below:

  • Long-term camping contracts run six months, May to October.
  • Standard utility sites are $400 per month. *
  • Sewer utility sites are $500 per month. *
  • Site fees do not include vehicle, boat, or other required permits.
  • First and last month rent is due when contract is signed.
  • Review the long-term contract
  • Long-term sites do not automatically renew. Lottery will take place annually.

*Prices are subject to change.

Please complete the form below to receive information on the 2025 lottery once it opens up.

    Please contact HorseThief Reservoir with any questions: 620-253-8464.