Horsethief Lodge Rental Guidelines, Rules, and Registration Forms

HorseThief Lodge – Rental Guidelines


A) Use of facility requires a permit from HorseThief Reservoir. Guests of the event must also have a vehicle permit from HorseThief Reservoir.  The management shall be responsible for determining the appropriateness of each request based on the following criteria:

1.) Size of the event.

2.) Appropriate use of the facility requested.

3.) Timing (date/day/hours) requested in relation to other events scheduled.  Organization’s ability to provide the support, deemed necessary by the Management, to conduct events

B.) Any use may be referred to the Board of Directors. Requests may be denied based on its potential over-load of the park or facility or the negative effect it may have on the adjacent property owners or citizens at large.

C.) HTR Park Management reserves the right to refuse reservations considered to be a conflict of interest with other activities already scheduled within the park.

D.) HTR Park Management reserves the right to refuse reservations considered to be conflict of interest with other activities already offered by the Management.

E.) Fees and charges to cover the rental of the facility and costs to the park are established by resolution and adopted by the HTR Board of Directors.

F.) Payments and Refunds:

1.) Deposits are required to confirm a reservation and are due at the time the reservation is  made.  Deposits will be deposited as soon as the Lodge booked and the check is issued to HTR.  A strict cleaning policy will be enforced.

2.) Fees must be paid in full at least six (6) weeks prior to the event. If payment is NOT received by the due date, the reservation will be removed from the calendar and opened on a first come, first serve basis. Long term or continuous events may be set up on weekly or monthly payments with the approval of the HTR management.

3.) Cancellations or additions to a reservation contract must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. Deposits will be retained on any reservation cancelled.

4.) Refunds of deposits will be returned the following month of your event.

G.) Reservation times must include; time the facility is to be opened for setup and includes take down and clean up time. Additional charges may be rendered for HTR staff for take down.

H.) The organization and/or the person whose signature appears on the reservation contract shall be responsible for any and all damages to the park or facility and shall inform the membership or participants of the Reservoir’s policies and regulations regarding their use. A performance bond and/or financial deposit may be required to cover damages and/or extra maintenance if determined necessary by the HTR management.

1.) The facility will be inspected following an event and if left in unsatisfactory condition, and if left in unsatisfactory condition, a minimum of $100.00 shall be withheld.  Additional deposit will be withheld depending on time and supplies used. 

2.) In the event the cost of repairs or cleaning is greater than the deposit amount, the tenant shall be responsible for the total cost of needed cleaning and repairs and will be charged accordingly.

I.) A certificate of insurance will be required depending on the type of activity to name the HorseThief Reservoir as additionally insured in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 combined single limits for property damage and bodily injury. Proof of Insurance is due six (6) weeks prior to event. We do offer a recommendation through Insurance Planning in Hays, Kansas. Please see the following event insurance link:

J.) Questions or concerns dealing with the facility reservations may be directed to the HTR office located at 19005 SW Highway 156; Jetmore, KS 67854. The contact number for the Lodge is 620-253-8464.


A.) All tenants agree to abide by policies and regulations of the Park. Fire code room capabilities shall be observed at all times.

B.) No event will be allowed to continue past 12:00 a.m. without prior approval from HTR Management.

C.) The Manager of HTR or his designee has the authority to cancel a reservation at any time due to an unruly crowd or destruction of property. The renter is responsible for the control of those attending an event. Failure of a renter to provide the appropriate control of the attendee’s shall be grounds for terminating the event and forfeit all fee and deposits.

 D.) Decorations

   1.) All decorations must be approved by HTR staff.

2.) Decorating must be completed within the rental period and must be taken down immediately upon completion of the activity.

3.) Use of tape including scotch tape, duct tape, gorilla tape, etc…, thumbtacks, nails, and pins for securing decorations is prohibited and their use may result in forfeiting of deposits.

4.) Approved materials for securing decorations include; zip ties, painters tape, and other non-marring materials.

E.) All waste materials are to be placed in receptacles. Chairs, tables, and equipment are to be left as found. Table tops and chairs must be wiped clean of all beverages and food. Kitchen must be left clean and ready for the next renter’s use. Floors must be swept and mopped.

F.) Park facilities maintain a limited supply of tables and chairs available for use during a reservation. Renters must rent their own tables and chairs above what the park supplies.

G.) Smoking is NOT permitted inside or within 100 feet of building or facility.  Renters are responsible for enforcing this rule as well as picking up cigarette butts outside of facility.

H.) No vehicles allowed on the brick patio; vehicles found on the patio will forfeit the deposit.

I.) Any rule or regulation set forth is subject to change at any time after review by the HTR Park Management.


1.) Alcoholic or Cereal Malt Beverages will NOT be served to minors. User must assume responsibility for determining age. Consumption of alcohol by minors will result in forfeiture of all fees, deposits, and will be turned over to law enforcement.

2.) NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed on HorseThief Reservoir property with the exception to wine/champagne bottles inside the lodge ONLY.

3.) Users must assume responsibility to see that guests do not become intoxicated.


Section 5. MEDIA

1.) HorseThief Reservoir reserves the right to use any photographs taken on property as marketing material.


1.)   Josh Hobbs; Park Manager – 620-253-7970

2.)  Rebecca Wyatt; Facilities Specialist – 620-393-5981

3.)   Hodgeman County Sheriff’s Office – 620-357-8391

Revised: 11/13/2019

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